Teesta Stage IV HEP social impact meeting

Affected people in Dzongu want jobs, schools and hospitals
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1 Jul 2018

The Social Impact Assessment Study meeting of the left bank of the 530 MW NHPC Stage IV hydro-electric project on Teesta river in North District was held on Sunday. A total of nearly 150 assembled, including ofcials and landowners.
Sub-Divisional Magistrate Headquarters P. W. Lepcha said in accordance with government order the SIA was being held, to create an awareness. Consultant Dr Rasheme Nair gave detailed reports of the SIA study carried out in the left bank.
Land owner Tashi Tongden said t4hat most of the landowners had missed the programme because of a communication gap. The landowners also wanted skill development trainings for landlosers through about 150 self-help groups that were there.
Panchayat vice president Dilliram Limboo said crop insurancwe was must, for people in affected areas life insurance policies should be arranged, facilities for schooling, health and employment wre a must in the affecte areas. Each affected household should get a job as per qualification.
The SDM said an ITI had already been set up at Chadey and handed over to the district administration, North District. He urged the chief engineer of the hydro project to provide skill development training so that local people could be engaged in the project site.
Chief Engineer Ramesh Mukhia said area development programmes such as schools and hospitals had already been undertaken on the left bank. The possibility of employment in the project site was, however, limited as the Central norms were strict about them. But efforts qwould be made to give employment to the affected families. Work would also be given on contract.
The SIA report was not the final report and expert teams of NHPC would visit the project site again and talk with affected people and panchayats so that shortages could be overcome. Only then the final report would be prepared.