Deopur villagers elated over construction of rural road

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11 Mar 2019

Construction of a rural road at Deopur, Webi in North Andaman has brought smiles to hundreds of villagers in the area. The 2 km stretch connecting Deopur to Webi School Junction has been executed at a cost of around Rs 1 crore by North Andaman Construction Division and will benefit scores of villagers and government employees posted in different establishments in the area.
As per reports, the newly constructed road passes through many government departments like Fire Brigade, Camp Office and residence of the Deputy Commissioner, Webi School, Police quarters etc. more than 200 families and school students will also benefit from the rural road. “This particular stretch was in an extremely battered state till handed over to the North Andaman Construction Division. The division immediately floated tenders for construction the rural road and executed the project in a record time. The Deputy Commissioner of North & Middle Andaman also asked APWD to execute the project in fast-lane. Construction of the rural road has brought huge respite for villagers here as it will serve as a short cut for Panighat, Lucknow and Webi School. Further with the road constructed, it is expected that many other government departments will shift offices to this area,” said some villagers.