Disquiet over posting of SI as SHO MB

12 Mar 2018

The former Pramukh of Panchayat Samiti, Mayabunder N&M Andaman, Mr. Abdul Siddique, in a letter to the Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has underlined the disquiet in the Police Force in the N&M Andaman District due to the unusual move by the Police authorities in appointing a junior-most Sub-inspector Mr. Rakesh Singh to the post of Station House Officer at Police Station, Mayabunder. The letter states that the A & N Police department has appointed Inspector rank officers  as Station House Officers in police stations of Campbell Bay, Car Nicobar, Humphreygunj, Pahargaon, Diglipur etc., but this case has set many tongues wagging and the causing discomfiture to senior officers, who in spite of being seniors have to take orders from a junior. Mr. Siddique claims in his communication that although the senior officers are unhappy, they refrain from placing their grievances for fear of being reprimanded by higher ups in the Police force.