NACD completes CC road to Water Treatment Plant at Lucknow

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17 May 2018

To facilitate supply of water to recently shifted government offices and quarters to Lucknow in the headquarter region of the North and Middle Andaman region, the North Andaman Construction Division (NACD) of APWD completed construction of a concrete road to Water Treatment Plan at Lucknow recently. The initiative has fulfilled one of the long pending demands of villagers and PRI members of the area.
According to reports, the 400 mtr CC road has been constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 38 lakh. “Though there existed a Water Treatment Plant at Lucknow, villages in the area suffered water scarcity during summer seasons. After shifting of government offices and accommodations to Lucknow, the demand for potable water also increased significantly. The concrete road will make easy movement of water tankers to the treatment plant and ensure timely supply of water to residents and government offices,” said some villagers of Lucknow.