NACD Contractors come out in support of EE accused of corruption

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9 Apr 2018

Contractors associated with the North Andaman Construction Division (NACD), APWD, Mayabunder have come out in support of Executive Engineer, Mr Jina Prakash, who was arrested recently on charges of bribery. In a letter to the Secretary (PWD) with copies marked to the Lt. Governor and other senior officials, the contractors demanded a thorough inquiry to bring out the actual facts behind the sequence of events that led to the arrest of the Executive Engineer in the alleged bribery case.
“Since his posting here in 2016, Mr Jina Prakash initiated many developmental works in different areas under his jurisdiction. He was instrumental in implementing the e-tendering and digital payment system in NACD, Mayabunder to bring in more transparency. An honest and upright officer, he also held charges at Diglipur and Rangat and we can say with authority that majority of the builders in the North and Middle Andaman region were content with his style of functioning. He used to interact with contractors and technical staff at regular intervals so that projects are completed within set time frames as also to look into the concerns of private contractors, if any,” they said in the letter.
It’s also false that contractors were harassed by the Executive Engineer for settlement of payment bills. On the contrary, they are pressed hard to submit bills in time particularly during the end of a financial year and get them cleared. The news of arrest of Mr Jina Prakash on allegations of bribery has come as a huge shock for the construction industry here, they added.