Rickety power poles put people’s lives to risk at Tupapur

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2 Aug 2017

A network of rickety and precariously tilted electricity poles hold ominous consequences for ignorant commuters and people on the road between Tugapur 7 and 8 close to Mayabunder, the headquarter region of the North Andaman region. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is a tragedy awaiting. Only a keen observer could point them out from surroundings. Decrepit and unstable poles could be spotted in numerous parts in the region.
“The insecure power poles built of concrete with numerous electrical fitting and dangling high tension wires installed here are either damaged or have outlived their life. They have become one major cause of disruption of power supply and pose a risk to the lives of commuters and people residing in the vicinity,” claims Sushanto Halder, resident of Tugapur-7.
A homemaker of Tugapur-8, Sunita Lakra, pointed out another case of a power pole located in her area stating that the pole, which stands dangerously tilted and could collapse anytime, poses a serious threat to motorists and pedestrians in the region. She claims that several complaints lodged with the Electricity department about the risk posed by such poles have proved futile. “The authorities concerned should take a strong note of the situation and take immediate measures to replace the dangerous power poles in this area,” said Sunita.
Speaking to EOI, the Pradhan of Pahalgaon Panchayat, Mr Sibananda Bairagi informed that he has already submitted petitions to the Electricity Department to replace the concrete power poles with steel ones for the safety of people in the region. “The dilapidated power poles have been a cause of concern for the villagers here and also poses serious threat of mishaps. Most of them (poles) can collapse any moment particularly during stormy weather and the authorities should take necessary action to prevent any untoward incident,” said Mr Bairagi.