Team constituted to curb tax evasions by traders at Mayabunder Jetty

29 Jul 2018

In bid to curb tax evasion on import of various commodities from mainland, the District Administration of North and Middle Andaman region has constituted a team to check GST bills at the Mayabunder Jetty. As per reports, the team comprising the Assistant Commissioner (HQ), Assistant Director (Civil Supplies), two officials of the Deputy Commissioner office has been tasked to inspect arrival of cargo consignments unloaded at the jetty and related documents including bills, tax payments etc. After completion of the procedures, the consignment is allowed for dispatch to other parts of the district. The move comes after traders in the district and some from South Andaman region devised a mechanism to dodge the government from paying taxes. Large amount of cargo mainly construction materials, steel and electronic items imported from mainland for trading in the local markets are unloaded at Mayabunder, where there was no tax toll checking earlier, and later transported to Port Blair by road. The arrangement had been reaping huge profits for traders, but divested the government of funds generated by payment of taxes.
“Commerce at the Mayabunder Port in North Andaman has increased manifold in the recent years. Taking benefit of lack of Toll Naka and Tax inspection at the Jetty, shortage of modern cargo-handling equipments is adversely affecting operations at the Port. Many traders import products like hardware and electronic items from Kolkata and book tonnes of cargo on ships bound for Port Blair via Mayabunder. On arrival at Mayabunder Jetty, the businessmen unload the consignment and book goods vehicles to transport the consignment to Port Blair and other parts of the district by road to escape tax payments on the imports. The move of the district administration is highly commendable as it will prevent tax evasion by traders and ensure tax levied on imports reaches the government treasury,” said some residents of Mayabunder. (EOIC)