Will work hard to develop North, Middle Andaman : Kalpana Bain

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17 Oct 2017

The Union Government has given the country four women Chief Ministers, six ministers in the cabinet and many others leaders in municipal and panchayat bodies. Even this remote territory is being led by women in many fronts, a perfect example of women empowerment. The social worker from remote Radhanagar in North Andaman, Kalpana Bain (KB), who grew up to become the Adhyaksha of Zilla Parishad, North and Middle District spoke to Kurma Rao (KR) of The Echo of India (EOI).
KR - Kalpana Ma’m, EOI on behalf of its readers congratulates you on becoming the Adhyaksha of North and Middle Andaman Zilla Parishad.
Kalpana Bain - Thank you so much to you and your thousands of readers.
KR - Please tell us something about your foray into politics.
Kalpana  Bain - Like all girls, I was a ordinary Radhanagar girl, who liked everything little girls want to do. But fate and some elders saw something in me and urged me to do social work, which I enjoyed immensely. I loved helping people and listening to their woes and trying to solve them, as much as I could do. This social contact led me to get elected as a Pradhan in 2005. After that there was no looking back (she smiles!). I became a Block Committee Member in 2010, and then was elected as a Zilla Parishad Member in 2105. Now in 2017, I have been elected unopposed as the Adhyaksha.
KR - Being elected unopposed must be a great feeling, Is not it?
Kalpana Bain (smiles again) – Yes indeed!  It shows the confidence all Parishad members across party lines had in me. They have treated me as a family number, and not just as another elected member. I am humbled and indebted to all of them.
KR - What is your vision for North and Middle Andaman ? It is spread so far and wide areawise.
Kalpana Bain - I Know it is an onerous task, and that one year is a very short period of time. But responsibility is paramount. I have to do my best. Be it water, sanitation, roads, bridges, education, healthcare and everything that comes under my purview. One thing that I have learnt from my journey from being a Pradhan to here, is to lend an ear to people, give them solace, then everything falls into place. I will meet and visit as many bastis I can, note their needs and try to deliver. I am confident I can.
KR – Ma’m, your confidence  gives us all here lots of hope, and we are sure you will come out with flying colours. What else would you like to say?
Kalpana Bain - Yes, I would like to thank Mr. Vishal Jolly, our party president without  whose support I would not have been here. I would like to thank all the Parishad members from the bottom of my heart for electing me and finding me suitable for the job. I also thank all the people of North and Middle Andaman and all members and workers of our great party.
KR - Happy Diwali to you and your family, Ma’m!
Kalpana Bain - Same to you and your wonderful newspaper, plus I would like to wish Happy Diwali to all the people of our beautiful Islands.