Indian man assaulted in Auckland

6 Mar 2017

An Indian national in New Zealand was assaulted, subjected to a racist tirade and told to go back to his own country during a road rage incident in Auckland, a media report said today. Narindervir Singh said he was filming from inside his vehicle when the incident happened on a weekday last week. "I gave him a space... that lady gave me the finger. He was driving that car [pointing to a white Holden] and now he's trying to threaten me, giving me bad names," Singh says in a video which was being streamed live onto Facebook. After Singh informed the driver that he's uploading the video live, the situation escalated and Singh was abused, sworn at and told to go back to his own country. The abuser, who is seen in video wearing a grey Everlast t-shirt, was tail-gating according to Singh, who says he simply pulled over to let him pass. The man also made derogatory remarks about Punjabi people, Newshub reported. As Singh drove off, the abuser exposed himself.