Mirik water supply project in limbo even after 23 years

Report by: 
Yawan Gurung
6 Apr 2017

It has been more than 23 years since Mirik residents have been waiting for water supply to their homes, but the drinking water project at Kawley Rai Dhap is yet to be completed.
They continue to grapple with water scarcity woes because of the undue delay in completing the more than Rs10 crore project. Many wards under Mirik municipality are facing an acute shortage of drinking water.
Less than half of the construction work has been completed so far. The project was started in 1994 by Manjushree Co. and changed hands in 2010 under Surya India Pvt Ltd. The project was actually slated for completion within two years and begin supplying water to nearly 20,000 residents of the wards under Mirik municipality.