Sashank wins Namchi Public School quiz contest

15 Nov 2016

Sashank Sharma of Class 12 (Science) has won the 2016 Quiz Competition, popularly known as the Brain of Namchi Public School. The final was closely contested, but

Sharma edged over his rivals, Anavighya Gupta (Class 9), Amrit Mangar (Class 10) and Rikjenla Sherpa (Class 11).

This year’s final emulated the popular News Wiz Quiz Show aired by India Today news channel. There were four rounds: In the News; Top News; Topic of your Choice; and the Audio and Visual Round.

Namchi Public School principal Rev. Fr. George A. D’Souza gave away the prizes that included a plaque, a top-notch Reader Tablet and a hand-crafted sash among others.