Govt hospital building of Naxalbari on verge of collapse

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
26 Mar 2018

The building of Naxalbari Rural Hospital situated just adjacent to police station shows signs of the state government’s negligence as roofs of doctors and nursing staffs including emergency ward is in verge of collapse.
Some rooms of the building are a dilapidated structure. The walls, pillars and roofs of the premises are cracked. The plaster of the walls and the roofs has fallen and rods are visible.
The concrete of the roof has been fallen and the rods are visible in the rooms where nursing staffs does their duty. Nurses informed that few days back a nurse was luckily safe when plaster of the roof fall on the table of her duty room.
The staffs and some doctors in anonymity said that there is an ever-present fear of a collapsing wall or roof.
A patient’s attendant Ramesh Ekka said, “The hospital authority has no worry if the building collapses and major accident may take place. The leaders are busy in their politics, the matter should be taken in serious manner.”