Afghan national acquitted in drug trafficking case

19 Feb 2017

A Delhi court has acquitted an Afghan national of the charges of drug trafficking, noting that there was strong suspicion over the credibility of the evidence. Additional Sessions Judge Amit Bansal granted the relief to Mohd Dawood who was accused of carrying over 5 kgs of heroin. Along with Dawood, the court also acquitted Andhra Pradesh resident Paligiri Siddiqui in the case. The court said that there were contradictions and discrepancies in the testimony of the material prosecution witnesses. "It raises a very strong suspicion over the credibility of their testimony including the recovery and the entire case of the prosecution. The benefit of doubt goes in favour of the accused persons who are entitled to acquittal in the present case," it said. "The prosecution has not been able to prove its case against the accused persons Dawood and Siddiqui beyond reasonable doubt and therefore the said accused persons are hereby acquitted," it said. According to the Special Cell of Delhi Police, both Dawood and Siddiquie were arrested, along with another Afghan national Sikander Owaish, from Millennium Park here on June 22, 2012 on a tip off. On search, 5.262 kgs of heroin was recovered from the three accused, the police had said. Owaish, however, absconded during the pendency of the trial and was declared an absconder in January 2014 by the court.(PTI)