Andhra Cricket Association to implement Lodha reforms with immediate effect

2 Jan 2017

Gokaraju Ganga Raju, the president of the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA), announced on Monday (January 2) that his state association will adhere to the Lodha reforms with immediate effect. Ganga Raju is also one of the vice presidents of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

"There is no confusion as Supreme Court has passed it's verdict. As the president of Andhra Cricket Association we would implement Lodha Reforms in totality with immediate effect. If it means that we have to go into cooling off period, so be it. Indian cricket should move forward," Ganga Raju said, immediately after the apex court expelled Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke from their respective positions in the BCCI.

While speculations are rife that Ganga Raju might step in as the interim president of BCCI, he decided not to delve deeper into it. "Look, I still need some clarity over the matter. Mr CK Khanna of Delhi and District Cricket Administration (DDCA) is also a senior VP. But in any case it will be a temporary post as I will also have to go into compulsory cooling off period. But if such kind of responsibility is entrusted on me, I will perform my duties with utmost honesty and sincerity."

The court had stated on Monday that the senior-most BCCI vice president will take over as interim president of the board in place of the now-expelled Thakur, provided the former adheres to the SC orders.

When questioned so as to why the ACA had not implemented the Lodha reforms thus far, Ganga Raju said, "It was because everyone was together. But now when the verdict is out there is no question of defiance. We have been in BCCI long enough to know how to run administration. Andhra has 19 cricket grounds owned by association and a second international stadium is coming up. We would do a good job."

Andhra now becomes the fifth member association of the BCCI - after Rajasthan, Tripura, Hyderabad and Vidarbha - to accept the Lodha reforms in toto.