Be prepared tackle new technology : JNU Chancellor to students

27 Oct 2017

JNU Chancellor V K Saraswat today urged school students to adopt a cycle of learning and unlearning to keep pace with the changes that technology was bringing about in fields such as education, science and industry. Addressing a large gathering of school students, Saraswat recalled various stages of transformation in which technology's influence began and said big data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence and automation constitute the latest phenomenon that was bringing changes.
"Similarly, education is in the third version of changes where connecting dots is more important than collecting dots," Saraswat told the students at the Jawaharlal Nehru University Open Day, which the varsity is organising for the second time. "We cannot be redundant. Unlearning and learning should be done and the process should continue," he said.
Vice Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar said through the Open Days, the university was trying to motivate school students to get into applied research in future and find solutions to the problems the country was facing. "Students in the schools are going to be the future researchers. They need to know what kind of research JNU is doing," Kumar said. Stalls and galleries were put up to explain various aspects of biotechnology, ecology, pollution, remote sensing through compelling experiments and the School of Social Sciences (SSS) also displayed mind maps to portray the position of minorities in the country. Military establishments affiliated to JNU -- Military College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and College of Military Engineering (CME) also set up their stalls to give an insight into their activities.(PTI)