Centre, TN govt turning deaf ear to our demands: Farmers

28 Aug 2017

Tamil Nadu farmers protesting at Jantar Mantar here today blamed the centre and the ruling AIADMK for turning a "deaf ear" to their issues and threatened to eat flesh from human dead bodies if their demands were not met. The farmers, who have been protesting in the national capital for the last 44th days, today bit human skulls and bones as a "mark of protest". "Instead of solving issues of farmers, the people in the ruling party in the state are fighting for positions and the Centre has totally sidelined us," farmers' leader P Ayyakkannu alleged, adding that eating flesh from human dead bodies was their next form of protest. "Today we have been pushed to eat bones and skulls and tomorrow we will not mind eating flesh from a human dead body if our demands are not met," he said. The farmers also offered an open invitation to youngsters to join the protest "to protect future generations". "This is not just for farmers, but to protect future generations. I request all the youngsters to join this protest for providing a better future for our kids," Ayyakkannu said. The farmers are demanding farm loan waivers, crop insurance and the setting up of the Cauvery Management Board by the Centre among others.(PTI)