Dave: A master strategist who plotted Diggy's downfall as CM of MP

18 May 2017

An expert in river conservation and a member of the parliamentary forum on global warming, environment was a subject close to the heart of Anil Madhav Dave who was appointed environment minister only last year. Dave was involved in social work right from his early days and founded NGO "Narmada Samagra" for conservation of the river. A two-time Rajya Sabha MP from Madhya Pradesh, Dave was known in the BJP as a man gifted with immaculate organisational skills. He had a long time association with the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh and shot into prominence in 2003 when he crafted the strategy leading to the defeat of Chief Minister Digvijay Singh. Following this, Uma Bharti who became the Chief Minister, made him Advisor to the C As an NCC Air Wing Cadet he took his early flying lessons and found a lifetime passion. He was a holder of a private pilot licence and had once flown a Cessna aircraft around the banks of Narmada for 18 hours. As Rajya Sabha MP, he has served as Member of Parliamentary Forum on Global Warming and Climate. A post-graduate in Commerce from Gujarati College in Indore, Dave had keen interest in literature and had penned a number of books. Dave was born to Pushpa and Madhav Dave at Barnagar, district Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh on July 6, 1956. He inherited the legacy of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh from his grandfather Dadasaheb Dave and volunteered to be a Pracharak fter completing higher studies. He rose in the Sangh echelons over the years and was deputed to the BJP, right before the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections in 2003. The leader from Madhya Pradesh was key party strategist and served as chief of its election management committee for the three times during the state assembly elections in 2003, 2008 and 2013 and Lok Sabha elections in 2004, 2009 and 2014. He was known for his booth-level management and planning. Dave was elected to Rajya Sabha in 2009 and has been on various committees including Chairman, Select Committee on Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill 2013. Dave had also organised the World Hindi Conference in Bhopal and an international conference on the occasion of Simhastha (Kumbh) Mela in Ujjjain. The sudden death of Union minister Anil Madhav Dave came as a shock to the people of Madhya Pradesh, who started flocking at 'Nadi ka ghar' (house of river), his residence here. The Madhya Pradesh government declared a two-day state mourning as a mark of respect to the departed leader after he passed away this morning in New Delhi, even as leaders cutting across party lines expressed profound grief over his demise. A pall of gloom descended at 'Nadi Ka Ghar' with Dave's supporters flocking the three-storey building set up by him which was also used to run Narmada Samagra, an NGO for conserving river Narmada, the lifeline of MP. Born on July 6, 1956 at Barnagar in Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain district, Dave, a bachelor, used to live in this house whenever he was in Bhopal. The house used to be his nerve centre for running the river conservation campaign as well as to formulate strategies for contesting elections. A master strategist, Dave was credited with bringing the BJP to power in MP in 2003 by running a successful campaign against the then Congress Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh. Dave's love for environment and water bodies is also reflected in his will that he left for those who wanted to cherish his memories, BJP's spokesman Rajnish Agrawal said. "If you want to cherish my memories, plant trees and save them. This would give me pleasure," Dave stated in the will written on July 23, 2012. "Maximum efforts should be made for the conservation of rivers and water bodies and by doing so, use of my name should be avoided," he said in the will. He had also said that there should be no memorial or statue established in his name. It mentioned that no competition or award should be instituted in his name. The will also specified the place where he desired his last rites to be performed. "If possible, my cremation should be performed on the banks of river Narmada at Bandrabhan where Nadi Mahotsav was organised," he had stated.