Start building jails for your leaders: Roopa's advice to Mamata

22 Mar 2017

Chief minister Mamata Bannerejee should start building jails for her ministers and party leaders following the Supreme Court decision in the Narada sting case, BJP MP Roopa Ganguly today said.

"Chief minister has given a statement saying she welcomes the decision. What will happen by merely welcoming it. Construct jails for 30-40 people. Let us start with the 12 (allegedly caught on camera accepting money). "Slowly everything will come out and the space in jail too will not be sufficient. Jails (will be meant for) their big ministers and leaders. So five star jails too need to be constructed," Ganguly said sarcastically outside Parliament.

The Supreme Court had on Tuesday refused to stay the CBI probe into the Narada sting operation, which was ordered by the Calcutta High Court. TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee had on Tuesday termed the apex court ruling on the matter as a "positive" one. CPM's Lok Sabha MP Mohammed Salim said that the Supreme Court decision will help CBI investigate the matter and bring out the truth. The Narada sting operation had allegedly caught some TMC leaders taking money.