Heavy rains leave behind a battered Nimbutala

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1 Sep 2018

Incessant rains over the past few days left roads and rural infrastructure battered at Nimbutala in Middle Andaman. Portion of a major thoroughfare near Kali Mandir collapsed after the heavy downpour a couple of days ago  leaving villagers disconnected. The problem didn’t end there as villagers had to wade through flooded streets in low lying areas of the region. “With the rains still on, the repair work of the broken footpath seems to commence only after the season is over. The crucial footpath is the lifeline for many villagers here and the Panchayat authorities should take measures to undertake repair and renovation works at the earliest,” said some villagers of Nimbutala. The Middle Andaman region witnessed heavy rains for the past few days disturbing normal lives. Water seeped into homes and inundated roads in low lying areas following which public transport was totally out of gear. The situation is however improving since Friday, told some others.