Lack of security guards at Rangat Bay wharf

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20 May 2018

Lack of security guards has become a cause of concern at Rangat Bay Jetty in the Middle Andaman region. While many government departments utilize the services of private security agencies, the Directorate of Shipping Services has till date not deployed security staff in the crucial wharf area and residents in the area demand that the deficiency should be addressed on priority basis.
“For places like Jetties, round the clock watch and ward staff should be provided for the security of the sensitive area. Like other parts of the country, the number of private security agencies in these islands has doubled in the recent years owing to a number of factors including high sensitivity to security concerns in government establishments. Almost many government offices here utilize the services of private security agencies, it still not clear why the service of private security is not utilized for the Rangat Bay Jetty,” said some residents of Nimbutala.