Shanti Basti villagers piqued over battered roads

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28 Feb 2017

Battered and pothole-laden road stretch is inviting public ire from villagers of Shanti Basti in Middle Andaman here. Besides pedestrians, the uneven and eroded village road has become a source of torment for motorists as many of them have complained of frequent falls in the recent past. Despite repeated pleas, no government agency has initiated any steps to provide respite to the agitated population of the region.
As per reports, the village road is used by hundreds for various purposes on a daily basis. However, the tattered road stretch full of potholes and craters has made the journey cumbersome for the villagers. “Senior citizens, women often sit on the main road to rest while traversing through this battered stretch. The condition of the road is such that it is even difficult for the motorists to negotiate. Imagine the plight of pedestrians. Many motorists have suffered accidents due to the condition of the road. But the concerned government agencies have turned a blind eye to the problem,” said some villagers of Shanti Basti.