Uncovered storm water drain gives jitters to Nimbutala villagers

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10 Oct 2017

Apparently, officials posted government agencies in Middle Andaman region seem to be waiting for a phone call from villagers in Nimbutala for carrying out repairs on a storm water drain bordering the fencing of Nimbutala Middle School playground. Villagers here, particularly school students, are compelled to walk over the uncovered drain on their own risk as missing lids at many places has turned into danger spots posing grave danger of mishaps.
“The uncovered sewer drain here is not only a health hazard to villagers, but also a safety threat to them. The drain covered with slabs is used as a footpath by several villagers and school students at it provides easy access to the main bazaar here. But lack of attention by the authorities concerned has become a cause of concern for people here as it poses threat of accidents mainly for students. The situation turns worse during heavy rains during which open craters become difficult to distinguish. Some villagers have suffered injuries traversing on the stretch in the recent days. But authorities have failed to carry out repair works despite pleas,” said some villagers.