Villagers lament lack of ATM facility in Nimbutala

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21 Feb 2018

Bank customers at Nimbutala in Middle Andaman are vexed over lack of ATM facility in the region. For more than 5000 customers, not a single ATM facility has been provided by banks operating in the region forcing them to travel more than five kilometres to Rangat to withdraw cash.  “People from different villages in and around Nimbutala have savings accounts in different Banks operating here. The numbers have increased after Prime Minister launched the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. But lack of ATM facility has created resentment among customers here. In the absence of the facility, people travel all the way to Rangat to withdraw cash. At times when the ATM facilities at Rangat don’t work, customers return dejected only to bear serpentine queues in the bank counters next day. Bank operating in Nimbutala area should consider opening ATM facilities here in the interest of its customers,” said some residents of Nimbutala.