New North Dinajpur SP to bring district under 24x7 surveillance by installing 200 CCTVs

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3 Sep 2018

Over 200 close circuit television (CCTV) cameras would be installed across the district with a view to  curbing crime and road traffic accidents in the district. Newly appointed superintendent of police Sumit Kumar said this soon after assuming the office today.
“Our immediate target is to reduce crime in the district to ensure that lives of citizens are saved. Curbing road traffic accidents is also on our priority list,” Kumar said.
He conceded that having both interstate and international border North Dinajpur is susceptible to crime. “Our challenge is to implement efficient policing,” he said.
It may be mentioned that since May when the rural polls took place murder both political and apolitical became a routine in the district. Recently, a popular philanthropist and Trinamool Congress worker Bikash Majumdar was shot dead in Itahar.
Political clashes and other crimes became a regular phenomenon too.
Several lives were lost in road traffic accidents too.
Taking a note of the incidents, Anoop Jaiswal was transferred as the SP by the state government. Kumar was appointed the new SP.
“The situation cannot be changed overnight. We are primarily beefing up monitoring and surveillance across the district,” the new SP said.
He also said that special raids would be conducted across to seize illegal firearms hoarded by the miscreants.