Fake postage stamps seized

4 Jan 2018

A huge quantity of fake postage stamps, with a face value of Rs 10 crore, was seized in the city today, police said. "Routine checking of vehicles was being carried out at the Rajendra Nagar flyover in the city. A person who was about to board an auto rickshaw, dropped his bag and ran away in panic. The policemen on duty rushed and seized the bag and found it to be full of fake stamps", Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO), Sadar, Sushant Kumar Saroj told PTI. He said "Each fake postage stamp had the face value of Rs 500. The total face value of the fake stamps turned out to be Rs 10 crore. We are conducting further investigations to find out who was the person carrying the bag, from where he had obtained the fake stamps and who are the other persons involved in this racket".