Nora Chopra

The Bharatiya Janata Party that was known to be an upper caste party. Mainly a Brahmin party converted it into a Modi OBC party in the recent assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. They took the Brahmins for granted after the Congress pushed them out both in Uttarakhand and UP.   In UP assembly  elections,  the BJP gave 11 tickets to Apna Dal  out of which  the party  won nine seats  while the Congress got hundred plus seats from its ally Samajwadi Party  but it  could win  only seven seats. Out of the seven seats, three are now ready to move over to the BJP and the Congress would be left over with just four MLAs.  While the Congress vice president is abroad, Narendra Modi has already started working on his agenda for 2019 Lok Sabha elections..  According to the government data, there would be one 1.78 crore new voters in 2019 Lok Sabha poll. Modi has instructed all his MPs to work on the class   12 students and prepare them because they will be casting their votes for the first time in 2019.  Not only that, their caste arithmetic has been assessed. Modi-Shah duo could successfully entice the non-yadav and the non jatav dalits reducing Mayawati to insignificance. Now it is up to Mayawati to retrieve her dalit votes. And it remains t be seen  whether she would enter into any alliance with SP to ensure tough fight to BJP in Lok Sabha poll.



Jitin Prasad is likely to be the new PCC chief of Uttar Pradesh. After the Congress defeat in the recent Assembly elections in the state, UP is now on the priority list of the Congress high command.  In its bid to counter the BJP in 2019 general election, Congress leadership is planning to overhaul the UPCC.  The current PCC chief Raj Babbar wants to quit. Babbar has already got busy with his film work. Then, he is not keen to continue in the post. UP being  a caste-ridden state,  the Congress should have seen that the PCC chief belongs to a caste which is important  in  the state and the caste  that has  been supporting the Congress. Babbar’s USP was that he had a secular and a cosmopolitan face, that he could draw people from every strata of the society. He was an ex-Samajwadi and an acceptable face among the muslims of UP. He was the ‘damaad’ of the Muslim community as he is married to the daughter of one of the most illustrious Muslim families of UP. But in the polarisation game of Narendra Modi, he too failed to make any mark.   The Congress high command now has zeroed in on the young Brahmin Jitin Prasad who has a good image among the Congress workers.


Discontent is simmering within the dalit leadership of the Congress against   the Rahul Gandhi-appointee of dalit cell K. Raju.  The dalit leadership feels that there is no point in staying in the Congress   as the dalits have moved over to the AAP in Delhi. And the results of the assembly polls in UP show that maximum non-jatav dalits have voted for the BJP. Questions are being raised over the sagacity of Rahul Gandhi grooming the erstwhile IAS officers like  K Raju and P L Punia   as the  dalit leaders of the Congress.  Both these leaders have no base but today they are holding  top positions in the  Congress party .While  Raju, an Andhra Pradesh fellow, is chief of the dalit cell of AICC and Punia was made chief of  SC-ST  commission. According to Congress sources    there was no dearth of dalit leaders in the Congress whose services can be utilised    but they are being ignored.


  The results of the Punjab assembly polls and the emergence of captain Amarinder Singh as a strong leader who could defeat the Akali-BJP alliance, is giving similar ideas to other Congress leaders. Kamal Nath, who despite being a general secretary of the AICC, has never stepped into 24 Akbar Road, has suddenly become very ambitious to become the PCC chief of Madhya Pradesh. A protégé of Sanjay Gandhi , he is one of the few Congress leaders who has been winning elections from Chindwara in MP. This    Lok Sabha member   wants now the gaddi of the saffron state of Madhya Pradesh. Congress supporters of Kamal Nath are saying that he alone can lead the MP Congress to victory in the 2018 assembly elections. He has the stature like Amarinder Singh and he can give a tough fight to the present CM of BJP Shivraj Singh Chouhan. (IPA)

Sunday, 26 March, 2017