Nora Chopra

Manish Tewari will be the next media chairperson succeeding Randeep Surjewala while Surjewala wil takeover as Haryana PCC chief. This reshuffle may take place soon as   infighting between the factions led by former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and current PCC chief Ashok Tanwar has intensified. Efforts by Congress seniors to broker peace have  failed. So the only solution is to change one of them. The easy option for the party is to change Tanwar. Hooda lacks support in the PCC but the high command feels taking action against Hooda involves risk. Now with Chautala in jail and the jats turning against the BJP during the regime of non-Jat Mnohar Lal Khattar , action against Hooda, who is capable of mobilising Jat support, is best avoided. The high command’s decision to send Randeep Surjewala, a jat, is meant to prevent erosion of the party’s Jat support base.  Surjewala is close to both Rahul and Hooda. But then he is being groomed as the prospective chief minister of Haryana. Whether  that be acceptable to Hooda only time would tell. As for his successor in the media outfit,  Manish Tewari has a large profile. He was made the I&B minister because of his capability as media spokesperson. 


The Congress leadership is once again ambiguous on the issue of triple talaq as it has been in the past on most of the crucial issues.  But this time, the Congress leadership has planned a different strategy on the issue. Congress this week inducted a fanatic Muslim leader Obeidullah Azmi,  whose USP is his oratory. He is famous for giving rabble rousing speeches and he is a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and is totally opposed to any interference of the government in the muslim personal law. Though the official line of the Congress is that the matter is subjudice in the Supreme Court but Maulana is free to say what he wants. After all he is a cleric and can have a line different from the party. The Congress hopes this would clear the vision on the triple talaq. Without uttering a word on the issue, the Congress leadership is seen as supporting the controversial triple talaq. Obeidulla Azmi returned to the Congress after hobnobbing with the  Samajwadi Party and other outfits. He was twice member of the Rajya Sabha. He was given the first political break in parliament by VP Singh. Azmi has been inducted by the Congress with an eye on the muslim votes. He has a substantial hold over the sunni votes.  


While the Congress is busy wooing the Brahmin support base in Uttar Pradesh, the senior most and the tallest Brahmin leader Narain Dutt Tiwari has been sidelined. NDT as he is referred to, has held the post of CM of both undivided UP and Uttarakhand. He also held important portfolios at the Centre. Recently,  Rahul  called on ailing Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa but he has not visited ailing NDT. That does not seem to have gone down well within the Brahmin community. Tiwari recently celebrated his 93rd birthday at Haldwani but Rahul did not attend the function. Tiwari’s new found son Rohit has been asking for a Congress ticket for the forthcoming UP Assembly polls but the Congress high command has yet not responded. Reports have it that the BJP has sent feelers to Rohit. (IPA)

Sunday, 23 October, 2016