Nora Chopra

Meera Kumar, the daughter of Jagjivan Ram and the erstwhile Congress speaker of the UPA regime, is tipped to be one of Narendra Modi’s choices as successor to Pranab Mukherjee for the post of the President of India. Modi is eyeing the non-jatav dalit votes plus Mayawati’s jatav votes. While the RSS and the BJP may have objection on the name of Meera Kumar as they want somebody from the RSS but the Prime Minister wants someone from outside and Meera Kumar would be an ideal person as nobody either from the Opposition or the NDA can oppose her name. Despite their reservations about Meera Kumar even Congress cannot dare to oppose her though she is not on their priority list. But Modi is too clever for them. He wants to trick the Congress which cannot afford to oppose the daughter of Jagjivan Ram who was not allowed to become the Prime Minister by the Congress just because he was a dalit.  Since then, the Congress has been trying to put a dalit in such a place and get back its dalit votes in northern India. And Modi fully conscious of his strength in Rajya Sabha for the BJP, Meera Kumar can be trump card because she is a dalit. 


As internal surveys claim that the Congress-SP alliance may not be doing so well, realisation seems to have dawned upon the Congress leadership that they have committed a blunder by not having a broad-based socio-political grand alliance. Recently Ghulam Nabi Azad, the AICC general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh called up the kurmi Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar seeking his help.  Ghulam Nabi is supposed to have asked Nitish to campaign for the Congress in non-Yadav OBC particularly in the kurmi constituencies. If  political analysts are to be believed,  in the last two phases of voting there has been polarisation of the non-Yadav OBC and OBC Hindu votes in favour of the BJP,  giving rise to scare within the Congress and SP.  According to certain political analysts if the Congress had opted for an alliance with JD-U and Ajit Singh’s RLD,   then they would have swept the polls. In comparison, the BJP has gone ahead to align with small caste parties Apna Dal of Annapurna Patel and even Rajbhar’s party which has given them the added impetus.  On the other hand, in the last two phases, even the Muslims who have voted even for Akhilesh and Congress earlier , are said to have polarised in favour of Mayawati  because the Muslims in these regions are mostly the OBC muslims who identify with the dalit and EBC communities who basically support the BSP.


The women SPG posted in the Prime Minister’s residence have written a letter to the higher authorities that they should be shifted from the night duty. They feel threatened and are scared doing of  night duty. In their letter, these women have said that in the PM house , there is no woman resident staying and the PM stays alone in the house. So it is not morally correct as per the Indian culture that they should be put on night duty It is learnt that these women have expressed their desire to be shifted because they do not want to be witness to any kind of controversy.  (IPA)

Sunday, 5 March, 2017