Nora Chopra

The billion dollar question in the country’s politics is who would be the next president and the Vice-President of India.   Prime   Minister Narendra Modi is expected to throw a googly which can take both  the BJP and the Opposition by surprise. Despite pressure from within the BJP veterans, he is supposed to have ruled out L K Advani,  Murali Manohar Joshi and Kalyan Singh for either of these positions unless they are exonerated by the CBI . Modi is said to be planning an out-of-the box candidate. The names making the rounda are of UPA regime former Speaker Meera Kumar. Though the Congress has other names in mind including the former Chief Justice of Supreme Court T S Thakur. Another name that is making rounds is of Mulayam Singh Yadav.MSY whose dream was To become Prime Minister has no option but to lobby for the President’s post. Till date, there has never been an OBC president. If MSY becomes President, then   Modi’s OBC constituency   will be complete and he would emerge as the sole leader of the OBCs.  But the real googly that Modi can throw is to have a muslim Vice-President in place of Hamid Ansari. Governor of Manipur Najma Heptullah is keen on becoming the  V-P. In fact, this was her fervent wisheven when she was in the Congress.  Heptullah was recently in news when she got the BJP government made in Manipur. Sources claim that Heptullah has been given the assurance of becoming the V-P. She will also have the support of the BJP veterans.


The news of the Congress overhaul is likely to become a reality now.  The permanent AICC faces   are now packing up. Jannardhan Diwedi is said to have bought a house in Nev Sarai to move out as his Rajya Sabha term too is coming to an end. Digvijay Singh whose exit is almost final, is learnt now to be putting the blame on Rahul Gandhi about the Goa goof-up. He is supposed to have said in close circuit that the delay was caused because Rahul Gandhi had given him a name of one AICC secretary. And he was trying to build a consensus on that name but no one agreed on that name. 


It may have been Yogi Adityanath's day, but the person who stole the show at the Uttar Pradesh chief minister's swearing-in ceremony, was Mulayam Singh Yadav. In fact, the bonhomie between Narendra Modi and 'Netaji' was so great that someone even remarked that they were ' jodi number one', in other words, the star couple. Seated close to Modi, Mulayam is believed to have given a running commentary of sorts on each of the MLAs taking oath as minister. Going by the account of those present, Modi appeared to have been amused by Netaji's description of the former Samajwadis, Congress wallahs and others who had switched sides to be part of the winning party. Apparently, Mulayam's commentary was laced with colourful details. There was also something for Modi's ears only. That may have something to do with Mulayamji's long-cherished dream to move into Rashtrapati Bhavan. According to some sources, this is the reason why Mulayam has been praising Modi as an icon for the past few months. But will words of praise be enough for Netaji to cross the ideological and political divides and reach the coveted presidential chair? (IPA)

Sunday, 2 April, 2017