Nora Chopra

JD-U leader and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has started to work on his national agenda. After he has made sure that the commitments that he has made for the rural people in Bihar are on track to realisation, including the complete ban on liquor,  he has turned his attention to national politics. Hectic activity is on for the merger of Ajit Singh’s RLD  with  and JD-U  and Nitish wants to be fully in control of this alliance. That is why he has decided to become president of post-merger   JD-U. But knowing Sharad Yadav and the political mastermind that he is, will it be so easy for Nitish? Will Sharad Yadav leave his turf so easily? May be something big about this whole story is round the corner.


Migratory birds who had switched loyalties from their parent parties to the BJP at the time of the Lok Sabha elections are now feeling suffocated. Jagdambika Pal, Avatar Singh Bhadana, Satpal Maharaj and Dharamveer Chaudhary, are all known politicians  who left the Congress to join the BJP in search of “ache din”. Now this seems to have become an illusion. They were promised  berths in the ministry or other positions, but they have not been given anything till now. Satpal Maharaj’s wife, in fact, is one of those nine MLA’s who rebelled against CM Harish Rawat, thus contributing to the split of the Congress. He was promised the Chief Minister Post but that too was not fulfilled. Similarly, Jagdambika  and Bhadana also wanted some pie in the BJP cake but have got nothing so far.  They are already feeling suffocated. Both Bhadana and Jagdambika are known to make their moves after judging which way the wind that is blowing. The former  belongs to UP and  the latter to  Haryana.  They are  likely to  switch back to the Congress.


Congress veteran and Gandhi family confidante Captain Satish Sharma is all set to   make a comeback in  parliamentary politics. He would be the Congress candidate for Rajya Sabha this year from UP. Sharma was not given a ticket for Lok Sabha Elections in 2014 because his traditional seat of Sultanpur was contested by Amita Singh wife of Sanjay Singh. He  last contested Lok Sabha election in 1991.  As the Congress did not have the numbers, there was no scope for the party to accommodate Sharma in Rajya Sabha.  Both Pramod Tiwari and PL Punia got elected to Rajya Sabha with Mulayam Singh Yadav’s help. There are eleven seats in UP and seven will go to Mulayam Singh’s SP, two to BSP and one to BJP. The  Congress, which does not have the numbers, on its own with 29 MLAs can get one seat with RLD’s nine MLAs. Talks are on between Congress leadership and Ajit Singh who himself is a contender for this seat.


Congress leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge is in serious trouble. Kharge along with nine more Congress big wigs in the Karnataka have been implicated in the one lakh crore wakf board land scam in a recent report, putting the Congress leadership on the back foot in the state.. . Besides Kharge,  Rehman Khan,  C M Ibrahim, minister Roshan Beg are the prominent names allegedly  implicated in the report. Even though the high court has ordered to table the report, the government is avoiding it causing huge embarrassment to the Congress government in Karnataka. Kharge who has a failrly good image in Delhi is now a worried man. To save himself is even willing to patch up with his arch rival the chief minister Sidharamaiya. To the latter’s  glee, for the first time Kharge was seen driving to his house recently. It  is presumed that Kharge urged  the CM to save him.  It is now the CM‘s turn to have the last laugh. (IPA)

Sunday, 10 April, 2016