Nora Chopra

The refusal of the Kashmiri separatists leaders to meet the team of opposition leaders has made the parties extremely jittery and worried. It is being seen as a change in the mind set of the Kashmiri youth.  Which has given a major boost to the pro-Pakistan separatist leadership that gave them the  guts to shut the door on the opposition leaders who had gone there to listen to them. Even without shaking hand, they could have at least been a little courteous. Their behaviour is being seen as a more dangerous trend in Kashmir where the present day revolt by the youth is no more seen as anti-India but is fast becoming anti-Hindu. And this is a gift of the BJP government. Each time Narendra Modi and the home minister talk of Kashmiryat, Insaniyat and Jamhooriyat,  the sentiment hardens and communal hatred intensifies. Kashmir was never like what it is today. In the nineties, insurgency was at its peak but still Kashmiris were never communally charged. They wanted their pandit brothers back. 


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is in a dilemma over whether he can project himself as the CM of Punjab without resigning as chief minister of Delhi. He is seeking legal opinion in this regard. He is said to have sought the opinion of upreme Court lawyer Indira JaiSingh. Pressure has mounted on Kejriwal from his supporters in Punjab that if he projects someone else as CM then the mandate can be very different from the prevailing current sentiment which is in AAP’s favour.  It was because of this that talks with Navjot Siddhu just broke. The AAP workers in Punjab could not buy the idea of a newcomer coming and being projected by the AAP chief as future CM. The problem  Kejriwal  faces is that he is a Haryanvi and he is not sure whether people of Punjab would accept him. note. Moreover, he is not a Sikh. It is for this reason that he had thought of giving Siddhu a chance but Siddu was not acceptable to AAP workers. Another problem before Kejriwal is that he is the chief minister of Delhi and the people of Delhi had elected his party with a massive mandate. But, his party is in a mess and he is not sure if he can make Manish Sisodia his successor.         


Akhilesh Pratap Singh a known mafia don of Rai Bareily and till now a bitter critic of the Gandhi family has been welcomed back in the Congress party. UP in-charge  Ghulam Nabi Azad introduced Akhilesh Singh’s daughter Aditi to the media when she joined the party recently. Aditi expressed her keenness to contest the elections.  It is said that she has the blessings of Priyanka as she does not want any opposition in Rai Bareilly. Akhilesh Singh was banished by Rajiv Gandhi after he was accused of killing Syed Modi, the first husband of Amita Modi, the second wife of Sanjay Singh. He is said to be a close confidante of Sanjay Singh but even when Sanjay, who too had quit the Congress, returned, Akhilesh Singh continued to oppose the Gandhi family.  It is said that Priyanka might contest the election from Rai Bareily if Sonia Gandhi chooses to retire in 2019.


Fazle Masood is actually on a high. Masood is not the PCC chief but he enjoys the powers of a PCC chief. He will be doing all the work the PCC chief does. He would be monitoring the yatras, make appointments and though he is not leading any yatra like Raj Babbar and Sheila Dixit, he has received a  big boost. He is accompanying Rahul Gandhi in his kisan yatra which began on September 6 from Deoria. Deoria has been Masood’s political turf. He fought and won his first election from there.


National Informatics Centre, the government’s Web services organization, had first approached West Bengal Government last year for about 11 acres of land to set up a national data centre in Kolkata. But Mamata Banerjee sat on the request without giving any response.  In the meantime the NIC had approached the Odisha government. Chief minister Navin Patnaik did not lose time and immediately gave the land when the NIC approached his government. The National Data Centre is nearing completion in Bhubaneshwar and will start operations from this year itself.  (IPA)

Sunday, 11 September, 2016