Nora Chopra

Former RBI governor. Raghuram Rajan   had to leave because he refused to   follow the Government diktat. Rajan was asked to stay but on the condition that he would have to do away with the thousand rupee and the five hundred rupee notes. But Rajan opted out of the job but refused to comply with the prime minister’s orders. He even   warned the government of the dire consequences and the havoc it can create. Even when he was leaving, he warned the government of at least spare the country of stopping the five hundred rupee notes. He was totally against doing the demonetisation but if the government was so adamant then at least it should first have the alternative   cash ready before it went ahead with the adventure.  Even the BJP leaders were sceptical about the move   but nobody had the guts to speak out. Even the finance minister Arun Jaitley who was made to do was reluctant. When the PM briefed his cabinet ministers   there were many who had doubts about the success of the move. but nobody dared to utter a word except Nitin Gadkari . Only Gadkari dared to speak. He spiked the idea by asking him, have you thought of the implications. 


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is leaving no stone unturned to woo Dalit voters in Punjab Assembly election and who can be best choice other than RPI president  Dr. Prakash Ambedkar. Dalit voters matter a lot in the Punjab Assembly election.  They are not happy with the  ruling Akali and BJP and main opposition Congress. Ambedkar has not been invited by the Congress in the past when Assembly elections were held and moreover he is against Rahul Gandhi's style of functioning over dalit issues.  Under these circumstances, only choice is Aam Aadmi Party.Suresh Kanojia, national president of Akhil Bharatiya Dalit and Muslim Mahasangh and a close associate of Ambedkar, informed that a meeting between two leaders is likely to be held at Delhi by December end or in New Year.  Joint rallies by two leaders will give boost to AAP.   If AAP emerges victorious and forms the next government in Punjab, Prakash Ambedkar  may well get a Rajya Sabha berth from Punjab from the APP’s share.


Tamil Nadu’s new chief minister O Pannerselvam,   who succeeded Jayalalithaa after her death, is actually a puppet of the NDA government at the Centre. Soon after Jayalalithaa suffered cardiac arrest, the PM deputed Venkaiah Naidu to camp in Chennai and ensure that a pro- NDA   government was formed in Tamil Nadu in case something happened to Jayalalithaa. In fact, Modi ensured that Paneerselvam, a pro-BJP man (who was appointed CM even by Amma whenever she was in crises)  got the top  seat  thus scuttling all the plans of Sashikala , the heir to Amma’s heritage  by virtue  of being Amma’s  only companion and closest friend. Shashikala who wanted to control the party had wanted a CM   who belonged to a different caste than herself probably -- a Gounder -- while Paneerselvam was a Thevar like herself. And how could the party chief and the CM be of  the  same caste. But the PM who needs a soft government at a time when all Opposition-ruled states have raised a banner of revolt against him, it  was in the interest of the Centre intervened  to see  that Paneerselvam  occupied the CM’s post.   (IPA Service)  

Sunday, 18 December, 2016