2614 SHGs credit-linked, over 10200 benefit from ‘Go Digital’ camps in rural areas

NABARD RO achieves spectacular performance in 2017-18 fiscal
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Port Blair
3 Apr 2018

The Andaman and Nicobar Regional Office of NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) has achieved record performance and healthy growth in these islands during the financial year 2017-18. At a press conference last week, the General Manager of NABARD RO, Mr BVS Prasad informed that total disbursements by the Regional Office including refinance and grants stood at Rs.2606.44 lakhs as on  March 31. “The achievement under Short Term (SAO) Refinance is Rs 200 lakhs, while it is Rs 2151 lakh under Long Term Refinance, an improvement from the fiscal,” he said.
NABARD brought out a consolidated Potential Linked Plan covering all the 3 districts of this territory to provide a fillip to credit planning exercise. Credit plan projected for the UT of Andaman & Nicobar for the FY 2018-19 based on the identified potential under various sectors as laid out in the Priority Sector guidelines of Reserve Bank of India, stood at Rs.551.99 crore which includes an outlay of Rs.378.58 crore in respect of off-farm sector and Rs.173.41 crore in respect of agriculture sector, he said. “Four Farmers Producers Organizations (FPOs) were sanctioned under PRODUCE Fund with a grant support of Rs.42.90 lakh of which 3 have been registered. An amount of Rs.8.09 lakh has been released as assistance to FPOs during the year 2017-18.”
To improve skill in SHG members and to enable them to take up livelihood activities, NABARD designed Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme (MEDP), which envisages end to end support to SHG members starting from extending skill training to providing hand holding and final settlement with Credit support. Under the MEDP programme, RO sanctioned 24 projects, against which, an amount of Rs.9.68 lakh was released during 2017-18, he informed.  During the year 2017-18, NABARD sanctioned grant assistance for formation of 50 SHGs and sanctioned grant assistance of Rs.5.00 lakhs to various SHG Promoting Institutions (SHGPIs) on credit linking these SHGs with Banks. The total grant assistance released for SHGPIs during 2017-18 stood at Rs.10.46 lakh. These islands have a total of 5772 SHGs of which 2614 are credit linked with a credit outstanding of Rs.3178 lakh as on 31 March 2017. With a view to recognizing the excellence in performance of various partner agencies / Institutions under SHG - Bank Linkage Programme in A&N islands, RO distributed awards to best performing SHGs/SHG Promoting Institutions and Banks on 12 July 2017 coinciding with its Foundation Day Celebrations commemorating the Silver Jubilee of SHG Movement in India.

A Bankers' Meet was organised during January 2018 by NABARD for Commercial Bank Branch Managers of South Andaman followed by an exposure visit to good working SHGs thereby facilitating insights on group dynamism and working of SHGs. NABARD has also been actively engaged in supporting Financial Inclusions through various modes viz., conduct of FLAPs, Digital FLAPS, spreading FI messages to rural and unbanked areas through Posters on Road Transport buses plying to various corners of the island. “During the financial year 2017-18, focus of FI was on "Go Digital" camps under which support was extended to 27 Rural branches and 7 FLCs of ANSCB and 12 Rural Branches and 5 FLCs of SBI for conducting 247 & 110 Go digital Camps respectively. The camps benefitted nearly 10200 rural people across the islands. Further, grant support of Rs.14.52 lakh was also sanctioned to ANSCB for purchasing a Demo Van for popularizing digital banking transactions in remote areas. In addition, assistance amounting to Rs.25 lakh was also sanctioned to ANSCB for acquiring membership in AUA /KAU scheme, which would qualify A&NSTCB to undertake AEPS transactions.
The 'Gramya Vikas Nidhi' (OFSPF) was set up in NABARD to promote Off Farm activities like handicrafts, handlooms, Village and Cottage Industries, small and micro enterprises etc., including capacity building and skill development programmes for target groups. During FY 2017-18, 2 SDPs each were sanctioned to NGOs and Social Welfare Board for the conduct of 4 programmes with a grant support of Rs.6.28 lakh lakhs. Grant amounting to Rs.2.06 lakh was also disbursed during FY 2017-18 for completion of 3 SDP programmes by various agencies in which 130 participants were trained. A notable initiative under SDP during the year was the training extended to 20 tribal students on Tally software, through an NGO Vidya Yuva Kendra, which is expected to help them gain employment.
Further, NABARD also participated in the Andaman Bazar conducted in the months of October 2017 & February 2018, with a view to provide a platform for SHGs to market their produce. NABARD also provided 3 NGOs with 6 copra drying machines developed in technical collaboration with CIARI and to be used by SHG members, thus helping them in value addition and enhanced price realization for the coconuts produced in their farm. An amount of Rs.7.60 lakh was also released to establish a Rural Haat in Mannarghat with the objective of providing a platform for marketing of SHG products/ farmers produce, he informed. NABARD also extended support to PACS development Cell (PDC) established in ANSCB for the revival and rejuvenation of PACS in the islands. Cumulative Grant support amounting to Rs.21.13 lakh was extended under the programme to ANSCB. Further, with a view to improving the infrastructure facilities in PACS, assistance to the tune of Rs.4.00 lakh was sanctioned under CDF to 5 PACS during the year. NABARD also facilitated an exposure visit of select PACS representatives from South Andaman to North Andaman, which provided the participants with hands-on learning experience and assimilation.