50 pc concession for senior citizens on Air India flights

Port Blair
9 Apr 2018

In a relief to senior citizens, retirees aged over 60 years, national carrier, Air India, offers 50% discount on domestic routes. Under the scheme, the national carrier has lowered the age limit to 60 for availing travel concession for senior citizens. The concessional scheme is available for beneficiaries on all domestic sectors.
According to the revised rule, any senior citizen, who is permanently resident in India and has attained the age of 60 on the date of commencement of journey, shall be entitled to a 50% discounted ticket in economy class on the basic fare for economy class travel. Eligible persons should posses any valid Photo ID with date of birth e.g., Voter’s ID card, Passport, Driving license, senior citizens ID card issued by Air India etc and tickets, valid for a period of one year from date of issue, can be purchased 7 days before the schedule date of departure.
In case, the relevant ID / documents are not presented at the time of check in or at the boarding gate, the basic fare will be forfeited and the tickets will become non refundable (only taxes & levies will be refunded). Boarding will be denied if the identity proof is not provided at the time of check in and at the boarding gate, as per the revised policy. (EOIC)