59 farmers benefited from field day on Azolla cultivation, backyard poultry at Nimbudera

Port Blair
7 Jan 2017
The ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, CIARI, North & Middle Andaman organised three field day  on “Azolla cultivation”,  “Low cost balanced feed for backyard poultry” on Friday and “Production of fish fingerlings in cement tank on Saturday in its office premises at Nimbudera and  Farmers field at Harinagar. These programmes were conducted to provide first-hand  information on the innovative technologies to local farmers. The programme on “Azolla cultivation” was inaugurated by Smt. Sebastian Lakra, Pradhan, Basantipur in the presence of Smt. Beena Rao, Sarpanch, Basatipur, PRI-members and experts from KVK, N & M Andaman. Smt. Sebastian Lakra  motivated the farmers for adoption of improved animal husbandry practices. Dr. Pooja Kapoor, SMS (Home Science) highlighted the importance of  low cost feed in livestock ration and informed the farmers  that Azolla is a cost effective protein and phytonutrient for livestock farming. Dr. Shardul Vikram Lal, SMS (Animal Science) explained the method of Azolla cultivation and nutritive value of Azolla for improving both the quality and quantity of milk. Uses of Azolla as manure and  econiomics of Azolla cultivation were discussed by Mr Debabrata Basantia, SMS (Horticulture) and  Er. Manoj Kumar, SMS (Agriculture Engineering) respectively.  Mr Tanmai Paul, Farm Manager, KVK conducted a demonstration to the farmers at the Azolla plot.
Another programme on “Low cost balanced feed for backyard poultry” was inaugurated by Shri. Ratnam, branch manager, A & N Cooperative Bank in the presence of Smt. Puspha, senior manager, WDC, N & M Andaman, PRI-member and KVK expert, N & M Andaman. Shri  Ratnam urged the farmers to use proven technologies for assured returns and spoke about different schemes launched by  Government of India for the growth of livestock sector. Smt. Pushpa motivated the farming community to use their hard  earned money judiciously to reap more benefits. 
On the occasion, Dr. Pooja Kapoor highlighted the importance of “Low cost balanced feed for backyard poultry”. Dr. Shardul Vikram Lal discussed in detail about the formulation of  low cost balanced feed for backyard poultry and demonstrated the method for preparation of low cost balanced feed for poultry. Some of the progressive farmers also shared their experiences of Azolla cultivation  and feeding value of low cost balanced feed  to backyard poultry.
In the field day on Saturday at KVK, farm where progressive farmers and unemployed rural youth were educated about production of fish fingerlings in cemented tanks. During the programme fish fingerlings were harvested from cement tank and health status and growth of fish seed was demonstrated to farmers.   Dr. Shailesh Kumar discussed about advantages of fish seed production in cemented tanks and informed the farmers about feed and feeding methods for fish fry.  Mr B. L. Meena and Shri Tanmay Paul clarified doubts of farmers on locally available feed ingredients for making balanced fish feed with minimum cost.   Around 59 farmers, farmwomen and unemployed rural youth were benefitted from these programmes which were conducted under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Shailesh Kumar, senior scientist and Head (i/c), KVK and Dr. S.  Dam Roy, Director, CIARI.