Aadhar mandatory for Social Welfare schemes

Port Blair
11 Jan 2018

As per the Directives of Govt. of India, Aadhar number is mandatory for  payment under the various financial assistance schemes of Social Welfare Department i.e. Old Age Pension, National Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Destitute Allowance and Disability Allowance. The beneficiaries, who have not submitted their Aadhar card number, and again requested to submit their Aadhar card number, duly linked with their bank account number provided to Directorate of Social Welfare, on or before 30.01.2018. Those beneficiaries who do not have Aadhar number may approach the nearest Common Service Center alongwith their EID number to generate their Aadhar card number from the UIDAI portal & link the same with their bank account number which has been provided to Directorate of Social Welfare. The list of beneficiaries, whose Aadhar number is not available in this office, is displayed on the notice board of Directorate of Social Welfare, Goalghar, Port Blair as well as in the offices of concerned CDPOs.