Admin acts against illegal crushers

Port Blair
4 Dec 2017

The District Administration of South Andaman has been seriously involved in preventing the scourge of encroachment and illegal activities like crushing and Quarrying on Government Revenue Land. The eviction of illegal crushing units from Govt. Revenue Land has been taken up by Tehsil Office on a war footing.
In its determination for slashing the list of encroachers and to bring to a closure activities like unlawful operation of crusher units active since last many years, nine cases under Section 202 of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Land Revenue and Land Reforms Regulation 1966 were registered and Showcause notices were issued by the Tehsildar, Port Blair to 1. Mr. Radha resident of Prothrapur, 2. Mr. Jamal Anwar,  resident of Garacharma, 3. Mr. Shanmugam resident of Prothrapur, 3. Mr. Arumugam (M/s Savvy Engineers, Prothrapur), 4. Mr. Muniyandi,  resident of Prothrapur, 5. Mr. Saran Singh resident of Aberdeen 7. Mr. Shakthivel resident of Prothrapur, 8. Ms. Sebastiammal resident of Prothrapur and 9. Mr. Mahesh resident of Prothrapur. After hearing the case eviction orders were passed to 7 stone crusher units and heavy machineries of four crusher units were dismantled and rest are in process.
All those involved in encouraging infringement and encroachment on government land and doing illegal activities are hereby cautioned to abstain from such acts, failing which, stern and criminal proceedings shall also be initiated against them henceforth.