Advisory for bulk waste generators in city

Port Blair
25 May 2017

It is brought to the notice of all concerned and general Public, that as per the definition of Bulk Waste Generator, under Section 3 (6) of the Port Blair Municipal Council Solid Waste (Handling & Management) Bye-Laws, 2017, the Bulk Waste Generator means and includes all having an average waste generation rate exceeding 50kg per day.
It is to inform that, all the bulk waste generators shall not throw, burn or burry the solid waste generated by them, on streets, open public spaces outside their premises or in the drains or water bodies and all the existing/ under construction projects, shall take it into concern and make it ensure that adequate waste management facilities are installed/ established in the building, if not, same may be complied with immediate effect. The waste generated shall be segregated and handover to the PBMC sanitary workers on usual payment specified under Schedule-III of the Bye-Laws, 2017.
It is the responsibilities of all the mass/ bulk waste generators are under statutory as well as corporate social responsibility to ensure that they do not discharge & throw untreated sewage, domestic/ commercial waste and municipal solid waste in the open areas or in the water bodies and others and shall install and set up own waste management facilities.
Any violations/ breach of the provisions of the Solid Waste (Handling & Management) Bye-Laws, 2017, shall be liable to pay penalties/ fines ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.10,000.00 per violation under Section 20 of Schedule-I of the Bye-Laws, 2017. Keeping the interest of the environment and public health, all the Bulk waste Generators have been hereby advised to abide by the directions strictly, a release from the Secretary, Municipal Council said.