Advisory for IGNOU learners

Port Blair
5 Nov 2017

As part of continuous evaluation process, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) adopts the submission of Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) by its learners. It is a per-requisite to apply for Term End Examination. Normally, a registered student of IGNOU is expected to submit 4-6 TMAs in a semester. On an average, the Study Centre evaluates around 10,000 TMAs per semester. The TMAs submitted for January to June 2017 period at IGNOU Study Centre - 0201, JNRM, Port Blair have been evaluated. The marks/grades will be updated in the grade card in IGNOU website during October/ November month.
Students are requested to get back their evaluated assignments with marks/grades from LSC-0201, JNRM, during its working hours (Phone-03192-237078). It is necessary for the students to know the academic strength and weakness of their study. If the marks are not reflected in the grade card (in site), contact the study centre within one year of validity period from date of submission of assignments. Otherwise, one should re-submit photocopy of assignments along with acknowledgement slip, already  issued form Study Centre. Or else fresh assignments to be submitted, a release said.