Affordable AFE Ball has benefitted customers across all categories since 2013: Brandsdaddy Founder

Innovative fire fighting solution now a call away
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Port Blair
30 Jul 2018

Amid sharp rise in fire mishaps in these islands particularly in the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands mainly attributed to booming infrastructure development in the tourism sector, a Mumbai-based Company is set to introduce an innovative fire fighting solution in these islands soon. An advanced fire fighting product named Brandsdaddy Auto Fire Extinguisher (AFE) Ball developed by Brandsdaddy Customer Services Pvt Ltd, an Indian Company located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, under the Make In India scheme, is country’s first ISI approved, 9001:2015 ISO Certified, CE Certified, FSAI Corporate Member fire fighting product has registered immense popularity across the country since its launch in 2013.“Brandsdaddy specializes in manufacturing unique innovative technology driven mass consumer products. Brandsdaddy is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on research and development, production and sale of mass consumer base products with first in world technology, innovation and at affordable prices so as to benefit masses across all categories and make their lives safe, simply, easy and updated with the best. Brandsdaddy have been striving to be the engine of innovation, meet customers’ unmet needs and have succeeded in making India proud by winning World Quality Commitment award in Paris and European Business Assembly London 2015 and India’s Top 5000 Best MSME Award,” said Founder and Director of Brandsdaddy Group, Mr. Roshaan Mishra speaking exclusively to EOI from Mumbai.
“Automatic Fire Extinguisher (AFE) ball is an innovative ball shaped fire extinguisher, which when thrown into a fire, activates in 5 seconds and effectively disperse extinguishing nontoxic mono ammonium phosphate powder, saving lives and property. Due to this feature, it can be placed in many fire prone areas such as kitchens, hotels, labs, factories, cars, etc. Fire Extinguishing Ball is the first self activating handheld extinguishing device available commercially in the Indian market and is truly a major technological breakthrough, which rapidly became established as an industry standard in the fire protection market due to the compelling benefits it offers. Some of its main features include Ease of Use (minimal training costs, no pins, and no moving or mechanical parts), Compact and light weight (only 1.3 kgs .per ball, people capable of handling), Self-activating even without people present in the case of fire, has sound level impulsive noise 101dB*-140dB*that is not exceed, Greater Safety for users (No need to face dangerous flames and gases at close distances), No false alarms, or tampering (cannot be activated without fire), Flexible, aesthetic design and simple installation - tabletop or wall mount, no inspection and maintenance requirement for life span of the product (Shelf life of 5 years), Lower Total Cost of protection over the life span of the product and One fireball could be extinguishing follow with Testing A,B,C and E. The company’s another pioneering product Gas Savers is a device that can help save upto 50% LPG fuel (Domestic Gas Saver), benefitting masses. Our products have been promoted by some leading news channels like ABP, News Nation etc as also in the social media. For retail and franchisee enquires, one can call us at 7021350150/9819371110,” stated Mr Mishra.
Auto Fire Extinguisher (AFE) Ball serves best for everywhere. It can be placed on shelf top, tabletop, along the hallway or any visible area of easy access. It is best mounted in high risk areas such as kitchens, electrical circuit breakers, overloaded electrical outlets, or near fireplaces. Compared to fire extinguisher tanks, AFE Balls activities automatically in just 3 to 10 seconds after coming in contact with flames whereas a extinguisher needs to be operated 100 percent manually. One of the great benefits of AFE Balls is that it self activates in the presence of fire when no one is present. Further, if not positioned in the high risk area where most fires are likely to start, AFE Balls will self activate upon reaching the appropriate temperature and douse the blaze. For active use, one just needs to take the nearest available AFE Ball and simply throw it into the fire. The ball will naturally fall into the base of the flame, where it is most needed and activate within 5 seconds. No need to pull pins or get close to the fire.
Brandsdaddy Customer Services Pvt Ltd started its operations in 2013 as a small enterprise and entered the market with specialization in Fuel Saver and Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball. After registering success in the products, the Company ventures into Smart Phone manufacturing in 2015. Earlier this year, Brandsdaddy entered into a distribution agreement with Global Ocean Group, one of the pioneers in the logistics industry and became all India stockiest for its first in the world technology innovative manufactured Make In India products – Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball AFE and Gas Savers. The announcement was made on 06th January 2018 at Maharashtra Trade Fair event at Aurangabad.