AIKS highlights failures of NDA govt. at public meetings

Port Blair
26 May 2018

At the call of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) Central Committee, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands Kisan Sabha Unit organised street corner meeting and Public Meeting throughout Ferrargunj Tehsil area recently. The public meeting was conducted at Ferrargunj Junction under the chairmanship of Dr. Gouranga Majhi, general secretary of Kisan Sabha A&N Unit. Other speakers were Com. K.G.Das, state C.P.I(M) secretary, Com. Raj Kumar Saw, cashier of Kisan Sabha, Com. Chidambaram and Com. Willium Toppo A&N Kisan Sabha members. The speakers highlighted the failure of NDA Government at the Centre in all forms i.e. Creation two crores job each year.  Ache Din for all, Sab ka Vikas, Particularly Vikas was for only a chosen few corporate companies and monopoly houses had been fulfilled.  As of today 1% of the population had amossed 53% of the assets of the country.
“NDA government failed to control pricerise but in fact prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing every day. NDA Govt. failed to bringing back of black money stashed in foreign banks.  The PMO extended patronage to corporate tycoon like Neerav Modi to loot Rs. 11,200 crores of public money from PNB and allowed to take shelter in foreign lands. Lalit Modi, Vijay Malliya are also of the same category.  The government has written off corporate loans, but they are not  bothering for Kisan. Promises for Kisan implementation of M.S. Swaminathan proposal for beneficiaries of Kisan, 50 percent more cost for farmers for all kind of crops were also not fulfilled. NDA has allowed 100% FDI in agriculture and announced contract farming that will facilitated in large scale takeover of cultivation by multi national agro-business companies. NDA Govt should treat MGERAGA properly and increased funds be allotted for the betterment of beneficiaries,” said the speakers. They highlighted about local problems like unbearable power-cuts, irregular water supply, lack of fertilizer supply, non-availability of kerosene, poor condition of roads etc.