All-India Cooperative Week at Beodnabad

Port Blair
15 Nov 2017

The second day of the 64th All India Cooperative Week celebration was inaugurated on Wednesday at Panchayat Hall, Beodnabad by Dr. A. Kundu, Director, ICAR-CIARI in presence of representatives of various Apex Level Cooperative, Govt officials, PRI members and a large gathering from Beodnabad area. Mr. Surender Nath Singh, Project Officer, NCUI welcoming delegates informed that the date’s topic was Producers to Consumers.
Dr. G.S. Pandey, Joint Director, Agriculture Dept. spoke on various schemes of A &N Administration in Coconut farming, Organic farmining, Plantation, Vegetable farming etc. Mr. M.K. Srinivasan, General Manager, ANCOFED spoke on Coop: Producers to Consumer by citing the example of Junglighat vegetable market which is a perfect example of direct marketing and highlighted activities of ANCOFED, a member institution of NAFED, IFFCO and NCUI to implement the subsidy schemes of GoI.
Dr. Kundu expressed that marketing is a main problem faced by the farmers. He urged farmers to get organised and join the Service Cooperative societies like - Gaon Vikas Service Coop. Society and Pema Service Coop. Society to gain through them. He spoke on Dr. Kurian of AMUL, a successful Cooperator and inspiration to all producers. He asked people to avail Soil Health card of GoI to improve the fertility of the soil and to take to organic farming. He said CIARI is providing fodder for the cattle at subsidised rates helpful for fertility of cattle.
Mr. Abdul Rasheed, ARCS spoke on Cooperatives: Producers to Consumers and how to avail schemes of NABARD and Govt of India. Mr. Ravinder Rao, Managing Director urged farmers to benefit from agricultural loans from the Burmanallah branch and to market coconut through PACS by removing the middle man to gain more. Mr. Jai Prakash, Manager, NABARD spoke on the success model of Farmers Producers Organisation (FPO) by NABARD, stating 5 FPOs presently formed by NABARD are successful. He requested farmers to form FPOs through A & N State Coop. Bank or NGOs for a grant assistance of Rs. 9.06 lakhs from NABARD.
The event was attended by Mr. G. S. Pandey, Joint Director, Agriculture Dept., Mr. Mohan Nair, UP Pramukh, Prothrapur, Mr. Ravinder Rao, Managing Director, A & N State Coop. Bank Ltd, Mr. V. S. Anil, ARCS, Mr. Abdul Rasheed, ARCS, Mr. M K Srinivasan, General Manager, ANCOFED and Mr. Jai Prakash, Manager, NABARD. Vote of thank proposed by Mr. Anant Rao, General Secretary, A &N State Coop. Union.