ANCOL Psychology students visit Arunodaya

Port Blair
7 Oct 2017

The B.Sc Psychology Students of Andaman College undertook a field trip under the guidance of Mr. V. Sridharan, Dr. Sheetal  Anoop, Guest Lecturers of Psychology Department to One Stop Centre ARUNODAYA under the Department of Social Welfare on Saturday as part of the curriculum to their enhance practical knowledge on application of psychology in counselling, Medical, Legal, Short term temporary shelter and other services provided by Arunodaya.
Mr. Santhi Murugesan, Centre Administrator explained the students about all the functions of Arunodaya and case study on a Bi-Polar Depression victim They also were given knowledge in the field of child abuse, abscondings, alcohol addiction, suicide, child marriage, depression, stress management, domestic violence, drug abuse, Adultery, physical and mental harassment, sexual abuse, molestation, child care and protection etc. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Biswas an Ms. Sheetal  Moorthy delivered a lecture on legal services provided to the victims with detailed IPC Sections. Ms. D. Amina and Ms. Deepali Biswas shared their experiences in psychological counselling with the students, who also visited the temporary shelter and collected the details for case study from the experts for the concerned courses.