ANI DGP: Promoting new standards for effective policing

Port Blair
25 Oct 2018

After taking over the reins of the Director General of Police, A&N Police, Dependra Pathak sent a strong message to his junior colleagues to empathize with people, develop strong bonds with the community, rise up to the expectation of the people and go for people-friendly policing. The DGP’s mantras of effective Policing and developing better public-Police relation has resulted in Police setting examples by involving the public in the recent anti-poaching operations.
In the anti-poaching front, after getting green signal from the top boss to go hard on poachers, the A&N Police, has pooled their entire resources and are on constant hunt for foreign poachers. The recent apprehension of eight Myanmarese poachers from Katchal is a clear indication that Police Personnel are pumped up over their recent success. The Police team of Katchal jurisdiction recently launched a massive anti-poaching operation on receipt of secret information that Burmese poachers are trying to enter Katchal. The team of Katchal Police, IRBN and some local people led by the SHO under the guidance of Superintendent of Police, Nicobar successfully apprehended eight Myanmarese poachers before they could smuggle or cause havoc to public.
During the operation, the Commander of poachers’ group tried to attack the Police team but was stopped by the Police. Constable Sandeep acted courageously by firing on them. One poacher, who sustained injuries, was immediately shifted to GB pant hospital after first aid.
Recently some poachers assaulted villagers at Hut Bay in Little Andaman. Police acted promptly after villagers alerted them about the presence of foreign intruders and the operation was appreciated by people in the area. The man behind the success of the Police is none other than their boss - the DGP, Mr. Dependra Pathak, who out of public glare, calmly and quietly keeps a hawk eye of such operations. His directions were clear and precise - go hard on poachers and abide by rules and act legally, proactively and sensibly. In such anti-poaching operation by the A&N Police, local residents also participated after Police sought their support to track these poachers. This gesture of Police-Public coordination is a befitting example of the Police promoting new standards for effective policing and growing Police- Public relation in these islands. (EOIC)