Another milestone for ANIIMS, GBPH docs: 20 kg tumour removed

Port Blair
26 May 2017

A very difficult surgery to remove a huge tumour from the abdomen of a lady was performed by the doctors of ANIIMS. A 41 year old lady reported to the outpatient department with the complaints of distension of her abdomen growing rapidly for the last few months. The swelling had gained such a large size that it was difficult for her to move around or even lie down in bed. She was investigated completely and was found to be severely anaemic with the haemoglobin levels of 5 gm%. She was transfused with three bottles of blood before taking her up for surgical intervention. She and her relatives were explained about her condition and plan for the surgery and was operated on April 4 by a team of doctors consisting of Dr. S.K.Kathpalia, Dr. Manju Mehrotra, Dr.Saji Varghese, Dr. Pinky Jena and OT sister Annie. The anaesthesia team comprised Dr. Anil Kumar and Dr. Sanjay Kumar. The patient was a high risk case for both surgery and anaesthesia. The  tumour was so huge that it was not possible to remove it intact. Hence the fluid within the tumour was drained out first. Approximately 13 litres of fluid was removed. Thereafter the tumour was removed and was found to be originated from the uterus. During and immediately after surgery the patient’s condition was serious. The situation was managed by the doctors of anaesthesia department and the nursing staff. Her stitches were removed after ten days and was doing well now. The tumour was sent for clinical examination to the Dept. of Pathology and was diagnosed as a rare type of spindle cell sarcoma of uterus by Dr. Archana Deshpande, Dr. Chitrawati and Dr. Singh. It was not feasible to weigh the tumour as fluid had been taken out but there was reduction of patient’s weight from 81 kg to 60 kg after surgery thereby indicating that probably it was about 20 kg. This is one of largest tumours removed at this hospital.