Anti-alcohol, drug abuse campaign at ANCOL

Port Blair
1 Mar 2017

Andaman College launched a fortnight-long anti-alcohol and anti-drug abuse awareness campaign among college students during the month of February. The campaign was aimed at making the students of the college aware of the dangers involved in such abuses and to inform them about the harmful effects.
Inaugurating the campaign, Principal of the college said that lack of understanding of the adverse effects and addictive nature of these substances posed a major public health challenge. Everyone has a part to play in protecting the people from these dangerous substances. He further added that people need to understand that addiction starts slowly and isn’t simply a matter choice. By the time an alcohol/drug abuser develops a full-blown addiction, the drug has taken over the user’s brain and the struggle of managing day-to-day becomes the primary need and the user goes from being proactive to reactive.
Dr Pusphavalli, coordinator of the program in her address said that the awareness campaign in the college through the students will focus on educating the community also on issues surrounding addiction, including the negative connotation of the word “addict.”
The Department of Psychology also displayed posters in different classes of the college citing the ill-effects of alcoholism and drug abuse for spreading awareness among the students. The campaign will further target vulnerable areas and will include activities such as poster making, debates, short movie screenings and interactions to help raise awareness about the menace and consequences of alcoholism and drug abuse at a young age.