Apne Panchayat Se on AIR

Port Blair
20 Jul 2018

In the next episode of the programme ‘Apne Panchayat Se’, the Secretary (RD, PRI & ULB), Mr Udit Prakash Rai, will be LIVE on AIR on July 23. In this programme developmental activities going on in Laxminagar (Campbell Bay) Gram Panchayat and Harinagar (Mayabunder) Gram Panchayat will be discussed.
The Pradhan of Laxminagar Gram Panchayat Shri.E.S.Rajesh and Pradhan of Harinagar Gram Panchayat Shri.Uttam Mondal will also be present in the Studio to answer to the queries of listeners.  Listeners can participate in this programme by calling on phone number 232336 or 232558. This programme will commence at 0715hrs and continue till 0755hrs. The programme will be moderated by Ms. Jaisheela J. Lakra. Producer of this programme is P.S.Saighal (Programme Executive). It can be heard on MW 684KHz.