Appeal by Electricity Department

Port Blair
1 Dec 2017

The Alternators of two DG sets at IPP has developed technical faults, due to which the sets have become non-functional with effect from 25.11.2017. This has created severe paucity of power demand of the order of 7-8 MW in Port Blair and South Andaman. To cope up with the untoward situation a rotational load shedding for 1 hour is being exercised during evening peak hours from 5.00 PM to 11.00 PM and as and when required basis during day hours. The Electricity Department sincerely requests and appeals to all the residents of Port Blair and South Andaman to consume power judiciously by rationalizing their power requirements by using minimal lights & other electrical gadgets and switch off all non - required lights, fans and other electrical gadgets etc. All the Hoteliers and big consumers who are having their own standby DG Sets are requested and strictly advised to run their DG Sets during evening peak hours 5.00 PM to 11.00 PM and help in mitigating the power crisis to Electricity Department and also to minimise the load shedding. By doing so, the peak demand during evening peak hours will be reduced which may certainly help the Electricity Department to reduce load shedding. This will be also beneficial to the students for their upcoming exams and the need of the hour. During the evening peak hours a surprise check will be carried out by the teams of engineers and field officials entrusted for Demand Side Management to ensure reduction in peak evening load requirements.