Are Power Cuts a blessing in disguise?

Report by: 
Port Blair
14 Sep 2017

Like me who works in a newspaper office for about 7 hours every day, from late afternoon till late evening,  works only for 3 now a days as the electricity goes out without even telephoning, texting or emailing -letting me relax, chat, gossip and gallivant in the balcony. Killing my time and assassinating the business of my office. What could I do? I cannot even bunk office, as suddenly, the lights might pop on and I have to rush to my console praying I save my work in time. The UPS also is my enemy number one as it does not work most of the time, busy charging itself in spurts and starts, after all, and current sometimes visits in short stints, and at times for long, yawning spells.
Spellbound, (shell) shocked are me and my machines at work (mostly my computer) by shenanigans of the powers that be! Reaching home at 9.30 PM, I watch my wife in the verandah sitting with a flickering candle wasting itself like her time, counting stars and following the lights of a stray airplane crossing the sky. Her posture suggests as if she is pleading the stars or the airliner to lend some power to switch on the television to show her Saas Bahu soaps which she has been missing and that being the reason of her smiling beautiful face turn into a grumpy ugly one on receiving me after a hard (ly) day’s work? I cannot stop laughing at her missing Kasam, Mohabatein etc. as anyways I am not allowed to watch news or sports (my favourites) at primetime (read evenings) by her. I have to muffle my laughs so that I get a tasty dinner with a nagging at the threshold of lights coming and going.
I am lucky my office hours do not allow me to join the various rallies, and I am more than lucky not be water cannoned, tear gassed or beaten and shoved into a blue van and taken indefinitely to a place at a height in Prothrapur. And jackpot lucky that I do not lose my new job spending my time at Prothrapur, raising the flag of democracy and raising a voice against….?
My life is sorted as of now. Half work, full pay!  Why should anyone sane like me complain? It may be a bane for you grouchy whiner, to me it is indeed a blessing who waits to live a dream life in a Smart City(?)
Thank God! Lights have come after 3 hours, its is 10.30PM, dinner is served; my jokes on darkness have brought a sliver of smile on my wife’s face as I am greedily reaching for my first morsel, my hungry belly and ever ready taste buds are ready for accepting their share…..
Oh no! The lights go off again! Back to the future, back to the candle!