Awareness on evils of alcohol at Kadakachang

Port Blair
19 Mar 2018

An alcoholism awareness campaign was organized by Humane Touch on Sunday at Kadakachang village. Mr. Kanchan Toppo, ARCS was Chief Guest. Mr. Sulaiman HC police Out-Post Wimberlygunj and Mr. Thadious Panchayat Member,Bindravan Panchayat were Special Guests. Mr. N. Yasir, Executive member Humane Touch welcomed all. Mr. Toppo highlighted on the evil cause of alcohol and the problems created by its use in a society. Mr. Sulaiman assured support to villagers in to stop illegal sale of alcohol. Mr. N. Abdul Aziz, President Humane Touch expressed his views on alcohol destroying families and youths. A video film on menace and evils of alcoholism was shown to the villagers. Mr. Aziz proposed the vote of thanks.